Triplex3 Natural Shampoo 150ml (portable)

Natural shampoo for sensitive dry scalp

Soothing sensitive scalp, relieving scalp itching, lubricating and moisturizing hair
1. dry, frizzy, unglossy hair2. If you're looking for a mild product that doesn't irritate your scalp,3. If you're worried about itchy and smelly scalp,4. If you have dandruff and dead skin cells,
Purified water, lauryl glucoside, cocamido propylbetaine, disodium lauresulfosinate, thia-cocoil glutamate, sodium chloride, citric acid, hydroxyacetophenone, polyquantium-7, polyquantium-10, tea tree oil, olive oil, oak leaf extract, gold root extract, Sancho leaf extract, green tea calus culture, limonene, butylene glycol, sodium benzoate, lemon peel oil, lavender oil, lycium fruit oil, eucalyptus leaf oil, eucalyptus leaf oil
1. Red spots due to direct sunlight when using or after using cosmetics, Consult a specialist, etc. if there are any abnormal symptoms or side effects such as swelling or itching. 2. Refrain from using it in areas with wounds, etc. 3. Precautions for Storage and Handling A) Keep out of reach of children B) Keep it away from direct sunlight4. Wash immediately when it gets in the eye.5. If not washed with water after use, it may cause hair loss or bleaching.