Brand Story

Treat your hair La'dor and discover daily improvements
that will make your hair care routine a happy experience.

We do not simply wash our hair, we care for our hair and scalp every day.
We don’t just repair damaged hair, we transform hair.

We don’t just solve your hair and scalp concerns.
We help you achieve the hairstyle that you have always wanted.
Because your hair is not just your hair, it’s you.

We are a small daily routine which can bring change that you can feel with your finger tips.
Lador is a small daily gift to yourself that will make your hair care routine a joyful experience.

Our Vision

Through continuous product development,
we provide the best tailored products as solutions
to address various hair and scalp concerns
that people around the world are facing.

1. Individual solutions for customer needs
We do not simply wash our hair, we care for our hair and scalp every day.
We don’t just repair damaged hair, we transform hair.

2. Research and development focused on product safety
Ingredients are proven safe and products undergo at least six months of testing
in order to ensure their safe and effective hair care results.

3. Solving various hair problems of people around the world
Lador cares for all types of hair concerns around the world.
Our goal is to continuously research and develop products that best suit customers’ needs.

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Daily Routine

A small change in bathing routine

Our everyday bathroom routine is made up of small daily habits.

Soft foam and pleasant scents that fill the bathroom bring comfort to a long, tiring day.
It is the best time to love and pamper yourself.

Lador is a hair care routine that brings small changes to everyone's daily routine.
Love yourself more and create a more beautiful you with Lador.

Professional Touch

Feel professional hair care results with a touch of your fingertips

We create hair care products that exceed everyone's expectations
by combining our extensive knowledge
with hair professionals' understanding of customer needs.

In order to transform an idea to reality, we test the effectiveness of hair products
through scientific research and exploration of hair structure.
Lador strives to provide high quality hair care products beyond customer expectation
which is available for use in hair salons and at home.

Clean & Safety

No worries. Safer hair products are here.

We formulate our products dedicated to sensitive skin and scalp
by excluding possible skin-irritating ingredients
and using only safe, natural, and proven chemical ingredients.

Lador helps you make small changes to your daily life more safely.

Hair Cleansing


Through deep cleansing and scaling, our products
help remove the harmful substances
left on the hair and scalp bringing the hair and scalp
into a state where beneficial ingredients
can be better absorbed.

Nutrient Absorption


After deep cleansing, the scalp and hair is transformed
into a condition suitable for nutrient absorption.
It is now a perfect time to treat the hair with treatment
and ampoule consisting of protein, minerals,
and amino acids which are the hair's main components.

Daily Protection


Lastly, to protect hair from daily damage
such as UV, heat and blow-drying,
a large variety of hair protection products
is available for easy and effective hair protection.