How to use


[HOW TO USE] Perfect hair fill-up

The must have item for extreme damaged hair

[HOW TO USE] Keratin LPP shampoo

Shampoo that fills repairs damaged hair with Keratin

[HOW TO USE] Hydro LPP treatment

Keratin treatment that fills up damaged hair

[HOW TO USE] Keratin power glue

Powerful protein treatment - Keratin Power Glue

[HOW TO USE] Damage protector acid shampoo

Low Acidic pH 4.5 Shampoo for Damaged Hair

[HOW TO USE] Damage protector acid conditioner

Low pH conditioner for healthier hair

[HOW TO USE] Wonder balm + Wonder tear clinic set

You only need 100Seconds! The quick and effective damaged hair care

[HOW TO USE] Wonder hair oil

Hair oil that injects moisture into dry hair

[HOW TO USE] Wonder pic clinic water

Forms oil coating film on hair to keep hair moistful all day long

[HOW TO USE] TripleX natural shampoo

Natural Mild Foaming Shampoo Straight From Nature

[HOW TO USE] Tea tree scalp clinic hair pack

Scalp scaling, scalp and hair nutrition

[HOW TO USE] Scalp scaling spa ampoule

Ampoule for intensive care of itchy scalp dead skin cells & sebum

[HOW TO USE] Dermatical hair-loss shampoo

Functional Anti-hair Loss Shampoo

[HOW TO USE] Dermatical scalp tonic

Premium functional anti-hair loss tonic

[HOW TO USE] Moisture balancing shampoo / conditioner

Silicone-free / healthy hcalp & volume hair care

[HOW TO USE] Before care keratin PPT

Multifunctional spray, which improves the effect of hair salon procedures

[HOW TO USE] Miracle volume essence

Protective essence + styling effect at once!

Dermatical Active Ampoule

Hair loss relief functional ampoule/damaged hair repair